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Wreath Making Kits

Fill your home with decorations to make the season with Ribbonly’s Wreath Making Kits. No matter the season, we’ve got the perfect ribbon wreath kit for you to get creative with your family, with friends, or for if you’re having some crafting fun yourself!
Making it yourself means you can perfectly match your wreath to the aesthetic of your house, whether it’s going inside your home, or hanging on the front door. If you’re looking for some seasonal crafts to complete, then our wreath making kits are for you! 

DIY Wreath Making Kits from Ribbonly

Discover your creative side with our wreath making kits! Create memories as you craft stunning wreaths with our high-quality ribbons and materials.
Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting, our easy-to-follow instructions make the process enjoyable for everyone. We design our wreath making kits to be friendly for beginners, and fun for those who regularly enjoy making crafts.
As part of our more complicated crafting kits, we’ve also created video tutorials for you to follow, to ensure that you’re happy with the final design! 

Why Choose Our Wreath Making Kits?

At Ribbonly, we have a range of wreath making kits for you to choose from, there’s Christmas wreath kits, Valentine’s day themed kits, Easter themed kits, Halloween themed wreaths and more! Take a look at our collection of ribbon kits here.
The DIY Wreath Making Kits from Ribbonly offer a perfect blend of quality materials and creative freedom. Even if you’ve chosen the same ribbons as another person, your wreaths will still be completely unique, as they’re handcrafted by you!
You add your personal touch, mix and match ribbons, and let your imagination run wild. It's not just a decoration for your home; it's a reflection of your style and personality.
For a wreath that’s fully personalised to your preferences and the design of your home, buying a wreath making kit from Ribbonly is a budget-friendly way to get exactly what you’re looking for! A premade wreath is likely to be more expensive and won’t be perfect for you. Plus there’s the added fun of crafting your wreath! 
Wreath Making Kits from Ribbonly

What’s included in the Wreath Making Kits?

Within our wreath making kits collections, there are plenty of wreath designs for you to choose from and add your own spin to during the crafting process! 
Each wreath kit includes the wreath frame, all the ribbons you’ll need, and written instructions with pictures. The only items you’ll need to have ready yourself is a tape measure or ruler, and a pair of scissors. 
Make your chosen wreath kit extra personalised by adding additional ribbons to the predesigned kits!
Or to create your own completely unique wreath, you can easily build your own kit! We recommend selecting at least 5 ribbon choices (that are 10 metres in length), as the wreaths need at least 50 metres to complete it with a full look.

Crafting Seasonal Projects with Ribbonly

Embrace the cosy warmth of autumn by crafting rustic wreaths adorned with rich, earthy-toned ribbons. Feel the festive cheer of winter as you create shimmering ornaments and snow-inspired decor with Ribbonly's elegant ribbons. And begin to welcome the warming weather by crafting pink and red Valentine’s wreaths and Easter ribbon eggs using our colourful and textured ribbons.
Whether you're in the colder seasons or moving into summer, Ribbonly has the crafting kits and ribbons to inspire your seasonal DIY projects. 
From cosy home decor projects to personalised gifts, make Ribbonly your go-to digital destination for crafting joy. Take a look through our collections organised by seasonal themes for supplying your crafting ideas all year round. 
Explore unique craft ideas tailored to each season, complemented by our high-quality ribbons in an array of colours and textures. Designed to inspire your creativity and bring your seasonal visions to life. 

Browse Ribbonly’s Collections

Browse our diverse selection of wreath making kits, each designed to add a touch of charm to your space. Or check out our extensive collection of ribbons to look for the perfect ribbons for your ideal wreath! 
With Ribbonly, every season is a reason to craft! If you’re looking for ideas, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, or have a look at our inspiration page. For more information, a team member at Ribbonly is happy to help! Give us a call on 0345 835 8126.
Join us in turning moments into memories with our exquisite Wreath Making Kits. Shop now and let your creativity blossom!

Explore Our Wreath Kit Collections!

Discover the Art of Wreath-Making: Dive into the enchanting world of wreath design with our exclusive wreath kit collections. Carefully curated and designed to spark creativity, these collections provide everything you need to craft a beautiful wreath that reflects your unique style.

A Variety of Styles: Our wreath kit collections showcase a diverse array of styles, ensuring there's a perfect match for every taste and occasion. Whether you're drawn to timeless classics, modern trends, or seasonal themes, our collections offer a variety that caters to your decorating preferences.

Effortless Crafting: Craft with ease using our wreath kit collections, suitable for both beginners and experienced crafters. Each kit is thoughtfully assembled with high-quality materials and step-by-step instructions, making the crafting process enjoyable and stress-free.

Ideal for Any Occasion

Expressive Designs: Transform your space with wreaths that tell a story. Our collections feature expressive designs suitable for various seasons, holidays, and celebrations. From vibrant spring florals to cosy winter accents, you'll find the perfect wreath to complement your home.

Eventful Decor: Elevate your events with the charm of handcrafted wreaths. Whether it's a wedding, party, or festive gathering, our wreath kit collections serve as stunning décor focal points, adding a touch of personalised elegance to your special occasions.

Crafting Bliss Unleashed: Unleash the joy of crafting with our wreath kit collections. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts seeking a hassle-free creative experience, these collections allow you to express your artistic side and adorn your space with eye-catching wreaths.

Explore Our Wreath Kit Collections Today

Embark on a crafting adventure – explore our exclusive wreath kit collections and experience the joy of designing wreaths that capture your unique aesthetic. Elevate your home décor, celebrate special moments, and make a statement with our carefully curated wreath kits.

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