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Deco Mesh Collection

Deco Mesh Collection

Within our Deco Mesh Collection, this synthetic fabric boasts an open-weave structure, allowing endless creative possibilities. Hailing from the USA, Deco Mesh stands out as a versatile and favoured material for crafts and embellishments.

Its lightweight composition offers unparalleled ease in manipulation, allowing effortless shaping into diverse forms, particularly ideal for stunning wreaths. With its adaptability and pliability, this material becomes a crafting haven, enabling unique and intricate designs.

Unleash your creativity as you explore the myriad ways this fabric transforms into beautiful, expressive decorations, reflecting its roots in innovation and adaptability, ensuring each creation resonates with a touch of American craftsmanship and artistry.

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Ribbonly Accessories Wreath Ring - Round 18 inch (45cm)
Ribbonly Deco Mesh White / 9m / 250mm Deco Mesh Diamond White

Deco Mesh Diamond White

Sale price£12.00
Ribbonly Deco Mesh Red / 9m / 250mm Deco Mesh Red Poinsettia

Deco Mesh Red Poinsettia

Sale price£12.00
Ribbonly Kits The Halo Deco Mesh Wreath Kit
Sold outRibbonly Deco Mesh Gold / 9m / 250mm Deco Mesh Gold Bullion

Deco Mesh Gold Bullion

Sale price£12.00
Ribbonly Deco Mesh Cream / 9m / 250mm Deco Mesh Ivory Dazzle

Deco Mesh Ivory Dazzle

Sale price£12.00
Sold outRibbonly Accessories Cable Ties x50

Cable Ties x50

Sale price£0.95
Ribbonly Kits Halloween Deco Mesh Spider Wreath Kit
Ribbonly Kits Rose Gold Garland 18" Deco Mesh Wreath Kit


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