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Ribbon Kits

Feeling creative? Why not have a go at one of our ribbon kits! From ribbon wreaths, to ribbon chandeliers, our ribbon craft kits are a great way to make your own decorations for your house or event. Our kits are incredibly easy and are all beginner level, you can achieve some fantastic results with no skill needed! Our kits come with full instructions and are very easy to follow, we even include videos on some of our more intricate kits for you to follow along with. 

Our wreath kits have been our most popular ribbon kit, and have been used for seasonal celebrations, along side weddings and parties. Not only can you enjoy making the wreaths, but you can also enjoy using it as a decoration. It's much more affordable than buying a brand-new wreath too.

Feeling extra creative? Introducing our very own, create your own ribbon wreath kit! You choose your wreath ring, you choose all of your ribbon, and we send you all of your choices for you to create your very own, personalised ribbon wreath. To create your own wreath kit, simply click here.  


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