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Linen Ribbon

Linen Ribbon

Our beautiful Ribbonly linen ribbons, woven with either a silver or copper metallic thread, are great for adding a touch of sparkle to all your creations and are a firm favourite with our customers. This range comes in five beautiful colours, Aquamarine, Pistachio, Plum, Shell and Apricot and all look sensational either when used alone or paired with some of our other gorgeous ribbon collections.

Aquamarine has a silver thread running through it and is a delicate light blue in colour. Pistachio is also woven with silver and has a beautiful subtle green hue. Plum is a rich purple shade with copper metallic thread. Shell, woven with silver is the palest of rose pink and Apricot with its silver flecks has the tone of a warm sunset.

Ribbonly linens have a lightly textured feel to them which means that they keep their shape when tied into a bow. For this reason, they look elegant when tied simply around a bouquet of flowers. They also work well when added to a ribbon wreath; teamed alongside our silky satins, wired organzas and mesh ribbons, they add a pop of sparkle and luxury to your wall and door decorations. Or how about making some beautiful roses? Our linens are ideal for making these little blooms. Check out our Inspiration page for more details.

Tied around a present, they can be layered and contrasted with both our wider and narrower ribbons to great effect, adding an extra touch of luxury to your gift. Try pairing Aquamarine with Topaz Gloss Satin 38mm, Apricot with Copper Leopard Grosgrain 38mm, Shell with Rose Quartz Gold Polka Grosgrain 15mm or Plum with Aubergine Crushed Satin 40mm. Simply stunning. All Ribbonly linens are 25mm wide and 10m in length, offering fantastic value for money and plenty of ribbon for all your crafty creations.

Create some sparkle with our sensational Ribbonly Metallic Yarn Linen ribbons.




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Ribbonly Linen Orange / 20m / 25mm Metallic Yarn Linen Ribbon Apricot
Ribbonly Linen Blue / 20m / 25mm Metallic Yarn Linen Ribbon Aquamarine
Ribbonly Linen Purple / 20m / 25mm Metallic Yarn Linen Ribbon Plum
Sold outRibbonly Linen Pink / 20m / 25mm Metallic Yarn Linen Ribbon Shell
Sold outRibbonly Linen Green / 20m / 25mm Metallic Yarn Linen Ribbon Pistachio
Why Choose Linen Ribbon?

Natural Simplicity: Linen ribbon, with its natural and simple texture, introduces an element of organic beauty to your creations. Elevate your projects with a touch of understated elegance, creating an atmosphere of timeless simplicity.

Versatile Naturalness: The versatile charm of linen ribbon effortlessly complements various styles and themes. Whether you're wrapping gifts, embellishing events, or immersing yourself in DIY projects, our Linen Ribbon adds a subtle touch of rustic sophistication.

Uncompromising Authenticity: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Linen Ribbons boast uncompromising authenticity. The natural texture and durability ensure that your creations exude genuine elegance, making a lasting impact on any occasion.


Perfect for Every Occasion

Gifts with Organic Beauty: Transform your gifts into expressions of organic beauty with our Linen Ribbon. The natural texture adds a touch of rustic charm, turning your presents into delightful, memorable statements.

Event Naturalness: Infuse a sense of natural beauty into your events. Whether it's a wedding or a special celebration, our Linen Ribbon serves as a charming decorative element that enhances the ambiance with a touch of timeless allure.

Creative Freedom Unleashed: Unleash your creativity across various projects. Whether you're working on DIY crafts, home décor, or fashion accessories, our Linen Ribbon provides the perfect touch of simplicity and authentic beauty.


Order Your Linen Ribbon Today

Step into the world of natural elegance – order your ribbon today and experience the transformative power of linen ribbon simplicity. Elevate your style, add a touch of authentic charm to your creations, and make a statement with our Linen Ribbon collection.

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