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12" Wreath Kits

12" Wreath Kits

Creating a wreath is like crafting a timeless piece of art—a joy that our customers cherish throughout the year. The process of assembling these kits brings them immense pleasure and satisfaction.

The end result, a beautiful wreath, serves as a constant source of delight and appreciation, a testament to their creativity and craftsmanship.

With each season or occasion, the wreath transforms, becoming a charming reflection of their creativity and a symbol of warmth and welcoming beauty for their home.

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Ribbonly Accessories Copper Wreath Ring - Round 12 inch (30cm)
Ribbonly Accessories Copper Wreath Ring - Heart 12 inch (30cm)
Ribbonly Kits Primrose Ribbon Wreath Kit

Primrose Ribbon Wreath Kit

Sale price£29.99
Sold outRibbonly Kits Peony Ribbon Wreath Kit

Peony Ribbon Wreath Kit

Sale price£34.99
Ribbonly Kits Marshmallow Ribbon Wreath Kit
Ribbonly Kits Sea Breeze Ribbon Wreath Kit
Ribbonly Kits Iris Ribbon Wreath Kit

Iris Ribbon Wreath Kit

Sale price£35.99


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