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how to make our wreath kit
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Equipment Required:

how to make our Ribbonly wreath kit

To begin crafting the wreath, gather these supplies together.



how to make our wreath kit

Step One: Taking one roll at a time, cut your ribbons into lengths of approximately 50 cm. Cut about 15 lengths from each roll to begin with. Once you have cut your ribbons you are ready to begin tying your bows!



how to make our wreath kit

Step Two: Take your first length of ribbon and tie it to the inner ring of the wire frame with a tight knot.


how to make our wreath kit

Step Three: Make a beautiful bow. The larger the loops of your bow, the fuller your wreath will look.

 how to make our wreath kit

Step Four: Trim the ends of the bow with a neat diagonal cut.


how to make our wreath kit

Step Five: Next, repeat the last two steps but this time, tie your bow to the outer ring of the wire frame.


how to make our wreath kit

Step Six: Push the bows together.


how to make our wreath kit

Step Seven: Continue in this fashion all the way around your frame, tying bows to both the inside and outside rings for maximum fullness and effect. Alternate your ribbon colours and textures as you wish.


how to make our wreath kit

Step Eight: Depending upon the width of the ribbons in your kit, you will attach between 15 – 20 bows in each of the five sections of the frame. This is illustrated in the image above of the back of the wreath. 


how to make our wreath kit

TOP TIP: If your kit contains a pre-cut ornamental ribbon, then from time to time, as you work your way around your wreath, cut a length of approximately 25cm and simply tie it with a firm knot to the frame. There is no need to make a bow. The ribbon will fall naturally.

Step Nine: After a while, you will probably need to cut a few more lengths of ribbon to complete your wreath.

how to make our wreath kit

Finally: Once you have tied bows all the way around both rings of the frame, and your wreath is complete, attach a long loop of ribbon to the top of your frame, and secure to your door or wall. Alternatively, your wreath would look stunning as a centrepiece on a table.


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