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Glitter Mesh Collection

Glitter Mesh Collection

Crafted to dazzle, Glitter Mesh infuses a brilliant allure into every project or adornment. Radiating a captivating shimmer, this lightweight and pliable material, woven with glitter particles, imbues a touch of glamour into your creations.

Whether adorning wreaths, embellishing floral arrangements, enhancing fashion accessories, amplifying home decor, or bedazzling party decorations, its versatility knows no bounds. Its sparkling presence elevates the aesthetic appeal, turning the ordinary into a spectacle.

Unleash its magical properties across various creative endeavours, where each shimmering thread weaves a narrative of elegance. Transforming every piece into a radiant testament to glamour and style, leaving a trail of enchantment in every corner it adorns.

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Sold outRibbonly Mesh Silver / 5m / 60mm Silver Glitter Mesh Ribbon Cobweb
Ribbonly Mesh Gold / 5m / 60mm Gold Dust

Gold Dust Glitter Mesh

Sale price£5.00
Ribbonly Mesh Gold / 5m / 60mm Rose Gold Glitter Mesh Ribbon

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