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Ornamental Ribbon Collection

Ornamental Ribbon

Our beautiful Ornamental ribbon collection is much admired by Ribbonly customers and it’s easy to understand why. These fine and delicate ribbons add a touch of originality and class wherever they are used, and at 10m long, they also represent fantastic value for money.

Leaf Vine Medal and Leaf Vine Olympia are elegant, sophisticated ribbons – each of them a reel of leafy loveliness! With the choice of two colours, silver or gold, we find them very popular for weddings. Tied into a bridal or bridesmaid’s bouquet they add a soft and delicate touch. Added to a chandelier decoration they are stunning; use them alongside our Pewter Silver Edge Organza, our Tinsel or Star Sparkle Edge Grosgrain, our Sterling String of Pearls or our Twinkle Foil Organza to create an exquisite hanging decoration for your wedding or party venue. (Details on how to make a chandelier may be found on our Ribbonly Inspiration page). Use our Leaf Vine to tie your wedding favours or wrap around your wedding cake. Wrap your gifts with it or add it to any of your bridal accessories, however you style it, Leaf Vine in silver Medal or gold Olympia will look beautiful.

Leaf Vine in Pine is a beautiful dark green and may similarly be used for weddings but also works very well at Christmas time when tied into decorative wreaths and around gifts.

Ribbonly’s String of Pearls in either Sterling (silver) or Glaze (a very pale blue) is a popular choice with our crafting customers. Ideal for card making and scrapbooking and general embellishment, this reel of cute dots lends itself to a multitude of purposes. Try popping it around your celebration cake or into an arrangement of flowers, it will a touch of sparkle and fun to whatever you are making.

 Silver Bell is a reel of pretty snowflakes. Light grey in colour and with a delicate felt like texture, this seasonal ribbon comes into its own at Christmas. Perfect for adding to decorations, door wreaths, Christmas cards and wrapping, Silver Bell Snowflake is a delightful ribbon to add to your Ribbonly collection.



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Sold outRibbonly Ornamental Gold / 10m / 25mm Leaf Vine Ribbon Olympia

Leaf Vine Ribbon Olympia

Sale price£6.00
Ribbonly Ornamental Silver / 10m / 25mm Leaf Vine Ribbon Medal

Leaf Vine Ribbon Medal

Sale price£6.00
Ribbonly Ornamental Grey / 5m / 25mm Snowflake Ribbon Silver Bell
Ribbonly Ornamental Grey / 10m / 3mm String of Pearls Ribbon Sterling
Ribbonly Ornamental Blue / 10m / 3mm String of Pearls Ribbon Glaze
Ribbonly Ornamental Brown / 10m / 25mm Prancing Reindeer Satin Cutouts
Why Choose Ornamental Ribbon?
Intricate Elegance: Ornamental ribbon, with its intricate and decorative features, introduces an element of detailed elegance into your creative endeavours. Elevate your projects with a touch of ornate charm, establishing an atmosphere of timeless sophistication.

Versatile Ornamentation: The versatile appeal of ornamental ribbon effortlessly complements various styles and themes. Whether you're enhancing gifts, embellishing events, or diving into DIY projects, our Ornamental Ribbon adds a striking touch of intricate sophistication.

Unparalleled Embellishment: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Ornamental Ribbons boast unparalleled embellishment. The intricate patterns and enduring quality ensure that your creations exude a luxurious charm, making a lasting impact on any occasion.

Perfect for Every Decorative Endeavour

Gifts with Flair: Transform your gifts into expressions of intricate beauty with our Ornamental Ribbon. The decorative patterns add a touch of refined charm, turning your presents into captivating, memorable statements.

Event Adornment: Infuse an air of adorned beauty into your events. Whether it's a wedding or a special celebration, our Ornamental Ribbon serves as a captivating decorative element that enhances the ambiance with a touch of timeless allure.

DIY Creative Expression: Utilise your creativity within a variety of projects. Ribbonly's Ornamental Ribbon provides a touch of sophistication and intricate glamour for any occasion.

Order Your Ornamental Ribbon Today

Step into the world of intricate elegance – order your ribbon today and experience the transformative power of ornamental ribbon allure. Elevate your style, add a touch of ornate charm to your creations, and make a statement with our Ornamental Ribbon collection.

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