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How to Make your Mini Christmas Wreath

Making a Red Christmas Ribbon Wreath
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Kit Contents:

Gather together your frame, ribbon, berries, scissors and a tape measure.



Christmas Wreath Guide, Step One

Step One: Begin by attaching the end of your Zig Zag Grosgrain Ribbon to your wire frame, next to one of the crossbars, with a tight double knot. 

How To Make A Christmas Wreath Step Two 

Step Two: Then, taking the roll in one hand, wrap the ribbon around both circles of the frame, to cover it. Try and wrap over the knot to conceal, it and then continue to work your way around the frame, wrapping until half of your frame (2 sections), is covered in ribbon. 

Christmas Wreath Guide, Step Three
Step Three: Cut the ribbon and tie a double knot to finish this step. (Don't worry about concealing this knot, the bows you tie later will hide it!)
Making A Christmas Wreath Step Four
Step Four: Next, take your Chameleon Silk Ribbon and cut it into lengths of 40cms. Take the first length of ribbon and tie it directly onto the inner circle of your wire frame in a tight knot. Then tie a bow and trim the ends diagonally to neaten.
Now repeat this step, but this time tie the bow to the outer circle of the frame.
Christmas Wreath Guide, Step Five
Step Five: Cut the remaining Zig Zag Grosgrain into lengths of 40cms and tie into bows onto the frame at intervals, amongst your Chameleon Silk bows.
Making a Handmade Christmas Wreath Part Six
Step Six: Finally, take your wired berries and add them into your bows at the bottom of your wreath. Use the wire on the berry to loop around the wire frame and then wrap the excess around the stem. We found that a little dot of glue helped to keep the berries securely in place amongst the bows!
Part Seven of Christmas Wreath Guide
Step Seven: And now, take your metre of Zig Zag Grosgrain and fold it in half. Take the two ends of the ribbon and thread them through the loop and around the frame. Your mini wreath is now ready to hang up for Christmas!
Ribbon Christmas Wreath, Final Step

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Green Mini Christmas Ribbon Wreath

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