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Wreath Kit Accessories

Our wreath kit accessories are the perfect canvas for your imagination and creative endeavours. They provide the essential elements and tools for you to explore and craft to your heart's content.

From tabletop ribbon crafts to adornments, each accessory is a gateway to creating something unique and beautiful.

Let your imagination take the lead and dive into the world of crafting with these versatile accessories, ready to transform into stunning wreaths or other imaginative projects. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity!

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Ribbonly Accessories Copper Wreath Ring - Round 12 inch (30cm)
Ribbonly Accessories Copper Wreath Ring - Heart 12 inch (30cm)
Ribbonly Accessories Wreath Ring - Round 18 inch (45cm)
Sold outRibbonly Accessories Cable Ties x50

Cable Ties x50

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