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Christmas Ribbon Wreath

Shop Christmas Ribbon Wreaths with us at Ribbonly Today

Here at Ribbonly, we provide only the highest quality Christmas ribbon wreath and wreath kits for you to adorn your house with this Christmas! What makes Christmas ribbon wreaths special is that they can be placed anywhere to enlighten our house during the festive season. For a lovely Christmas appearance, hang it over your fireplace, use it as a centrepiece on your dining table, or position it on your front door so visitors can see it as they approach your home.

Available in a range of festive colours and patterns, shop Christmas Ribbon Wreaths here at Ribbonly today!

Beautiful Holiday Christmas Ribbon Wreath Ideas

We have the ideal, lovely Christmas Ribbon Wreath for you, no matter your Christmas aesthetic! You may easily and entertainingly construct and create one for yourself with one of our kits, which come in a range of colours and patterns! Christmas ribbon wreaths are the perfect holiday decoration because they can be customised with our selection of ribbon patterns and colours to match any colour scheme or interior design.

Moreover, what makes our kits special is the beautiful variety of ribbons that are available, and the hardwearing and longevity they possess. We at Ribbonly always ensure to only provide the best quality ribbons to our customers, and this extends to all products and kits.
Creating your own Christmas Ribbon Wreath with our kits means you can create beautiful and stunning festive decorations

Importance Of Ribbon For Decorating Wreaths

As a family run business, we enjoy coming up with innovative ways to use ribbon in crafting, gift-giving, and event planning as well as experimenting with many other colours and texture combinations. Through blog posts, YouTube videos, or our ribbon kits, we constantly release new ideas on how to properly use your ribbon to create stunning designs.

 How To Make Christmas Ribbon Wreaths

Whether it’s more of a traditional Christmas ribbon wreath you want to make or want to go bright and contemporary, we have the experience and products to enable you to make one for yourself, successfully.
Steps to follow include:
  1. Prepare your wreath frame and ribbon and lay them out ready
  2. To make our wreath, we at Ribbonly have opted for a very straightforward "pull through" technique. Click here to watch how to do this
  3. You can then sporadically place baubles or bows to enhance the festive wreath.
Watch now for How to make a Christmas ribbon wreath
All our Christmas Ribbon Wreath Kits come with complete instructions and we provide follow-along videos to help with constructing them 

Our DIY Wreath Kits

All of our kits including our Christmas Ribbon Wreaths are beginner-level and super simple to use, so you can get amazing results with no prior experience! We even offer videos on some of our more complex kits so you can follow along while watching them. Our kits come with complete instructions and are very simple to follow.
Our wreath kits, which have also been used for weddings and parties as well as seasonal events, are our most popular ribbon kits. You can take pleasure in crafting the wreaths as well as using them as decorations. It's also far less expensive than purchasing a brand-new wreath.
We have kits for all occasions available on our website alongside Christmas Ribbon Wreath, including Halloween, Heart, Rose, 12” and 18”. Shop today

Buy Today

Shop our collection of Christmas ribbon wreath today and check out our inspiration page for directions on how to create one for yourself.
Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok for more beautiful ribbon content, or contact us on 0345 835 8126 for more information.


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