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Wedding Ribbon

Adorning your wedding with beautiful wedding ribbon adds that extra unique touch to your special day. Ribbons have always had a longstanding ceremonial significance, and they adorn elements of a wedding to pair with your wedding theme. 
Even though ribbon is a common item in craft stores, using it in inventive, innovative ways may quickly and easily elevate any aspect of your wedding. Use it to make a unique seating chart, or have your calligrapher handwrite each guest's name on ribbon to replace the traditional paper place cards.
Ribbon can assist you in enhancing the elegance of your wedding day. Organising a bohemian gathering? Choose an airy, gauzy style. Want to go more traditional? Velvet ribbon is your finest option if you require a textural accent that also pays homage to your opulent black-tie wedding.
Wedding ribbon can be used for flowers and presents to add an elegance to your special day

How Ribbon Can Transform Your Wedding

Wedding ribbon can be used in various ways to enhance your special day. Alongside flowers and cakes, silk and satin ribbons have been used for bridal veils and wedding gowns and are regularly used to adorn wedding cars to pay homage to the long-standing tradition.
Chiffon is one of the beautiful fabrics that can be used in weddings because of its delicate appearance and fluffy edges that add an element of opulence to your special day. This ribbon, which is our most popular for weddings, looks great wrapped around wedding cars, tables, favours, and stationery. The ribbon is ideal for usage on your big day.
Another wedding ribbon that is ideal for the special day is Ornamental Ribbon, because of its fine and delicate appearance. Here at Ribbonly, we offer both Leaf Vine Medal and Leaf Vine Olympia that come in gold and silver, making them ideal for weddings. They look beautiful added to a chandelier, around a wedding cake, or on bridal accessories to add a touch of class.

Different ways to use Wedding Ribbon

Integrating ribbons is a simple way to add distinctive character to your ceremony and reception decorations because ribbon is available in a variety of patterns, colours, fabrics, and textures. They, therefore, are perfect to use within a wedding, such as:
Bridal bouquets
Draped on aisle/stairways/chairs
In light fixtures
Seating cards
Cake decoration
To adorn wedding cars
Wedding programmes

wedding ribbon can be used to adorn wedding invitations, draped on hallways and chairs, and on bouquets. At Ribbonly we have a large selection of wedding ribbon

Wedding Ribbon Calculator

We have created a Wedding Ribbon Calculator Tool to assist our customers in determining the quantity of ribbon required for a specific Wedding. Our Calculator enables you to select your number of guests and to choose various options where ribbon is most often used.
Check out our Wedding Ribbon Calculator here.


With Ribbonly, we offer multiple different styles and colours of wedding ribbon to suit all venues and themes, as we understand the importance that ribbons have within a wedding setting.
Our wedding collection's ribbons are chosen with care to provide even more special touches to your big day. Why not use our opulent ribbon to decorate your location to add that glitzy touch, especially as DIY wedding decor has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. Our ribbon can be used in a variety of ways to complement your special day, including ribbon chandeliers, table decorations, cakes, favours, and much more.

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