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Christmas Gift Ribbon

Our Christmas Gift Ribbon Collection

Make your gift wrapping stand out under the Christmas tree with our Christmas gift ribbon. With many styles, colours, and patterns to choose from, Ribbonly has a Christmas collection ready-selected for your ideal Christmas wrapping. Make your gift exchange or surprises something even more special with our decorative luxury Christmas ribbon for boxes, packages, and other items.


christmas ribbon decoration

Red, Green, Gold… Beautiful Christmas Gift Ribbon

We stock the classic Christmas colours of ruby reds and forest greens, and we’ve got golden and silvery ribbons as well as plenty of other less typical Christmas colours. If you are after a certain thickness or length of ribbon, contact our team to direct you to the right place, or browse our collection here. Making your presents festive is more exciting and will get you and others in the Christmas spirit. So, whether you’re wrapping something small or large, or even something that you can’t wrap up a Christmas gift ribbon can give it the finishing touches.
Use our ribbon calculator to find out how much ribbon you need to order. Inputting your dimensions will reveal the length you’ll need so you don’t run out mid-way through wrapping your gifts. Achieve a consistent theme in your wrapping with the right amount of ribbon and number of bows.


Why Choose Ribbonly?

We are a family-run business that understands the importance of Christmas and creating special moments and memories. We can provide you with Christmas gift ribbon or other seasonal or appropriate styles of ribbon depending on your needs. You can use our ribbons for many decorative needs as well as Christmas gifts. Wreaths, tree decorations, handing/bunting, table decorations and so much more…
See our blogs for ribbon inspiration.
christmas gift ribbon from Ribbonly for presents and other festive decorations

The Ribbonly Technique

Ribbons can be manipulated into shapes and curled easily, making them a great material to work with. They can be tied into bows, whether it’s a wired ribbon, a mesh ribbon, or a thick traditional ribbon. A traditional, wrapping method is also a beautiful method, crossing the ribbons around a box and tying it at the top looks put together and neat. Why not add on a gift tag or leave space to add foliage or candy canes in the ribbon knot? Leaving a small gap will allow you to slip in something festive or attach a note to a gift tag. A Christmas gift ribbon is versatile and adaptable and can bring so much joy and festivity around the Christmas period.

Environmental Christmas Gift Ribbon

We are very considerate of the materials we use and sell here at Ribbonly. All our ribbon reels are made from cardboard, making them recyclable and we are conscious of our carbon footprint, always looking to be as sustainable as possible.


Buy Christmas Gift Ribbon From Ribbonly Today

Call us on 03458358126 for a member of our team or use our contact form if you have enquiries.

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