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Christmas Ribbon

Certain holidays call for traditional decorations and themes, and Christmas is one of them. Decorating trees and presents with Christmas ribbon encompasses all that is fun with the holiday, and gets friends and family into the Christmas spirit! Here at Ribbonly, we specialise in supplying high-quality Christmas ribbon to our customers to transform their holiday additions. Our products come in a range of colours and textures to suit your desired theme, and therefore suit all aspects of the festivities, including ribbon for gift wrapping, Christmas trees, crafts, and decorations.
Christmas ribbon can be used to wrap presents, be placed on christmas trees, or for crafts to make for a festive holiday!

Importance of Christmas Ribbon

Our Christmas ribbon comes in a variety of colours, textures, and materials, and is therefore a wonderful addition to your festivities. The symbolism of Christmas ribbon traditionally started from biblical times, when it was said that a ribbon was tied to gifts presented to baby Jesus. This symbol still stands to this day, and ribbon continues to represent unity and goodwill during the Christmas holiday.
Moreover, you don’t have to be a crafting genius to be able to create designs and work with ribbon and is, therefore, a popular decorating item to add to anything to do with Christmas. At Ribbonly, we provide Christmas ribbon in a range of colours and materials that appropriately reflect the traditions and themes of Christmas, such as gold, red, green, and silver, chiffon, foil, mesh, organza, and lots more!

What can you add Christmas ribbon to?

Ribbon is symbolic of the unity and happiness that comes with Christmas and can be used to adorn a variety of things associated with the holiday.

Christmas Trees

One of the main focal points of a home at Christmas is the Christmas tree and what better way to make it increasingly more festive than by using Christmas ribbon to adorn its branches?! Whether its ribbon bows perched delicately or strands of striking gold to mirror your vibrant baubles, ribbons added to Christmas trees add an element of sparkle to an already magical festive period.
Adorn your christmas tree with christmas ribbon to please your guests and family members


What’s more traditional than wrapping a Christmas present in jolly wrapping paper swaddled in festive Christmas ribbon? When ribbon is added to a gift, it brings a great deal of delight with little work. Our ribbons at Ribbonly come in a wide variety of options and are strong and resilient enough to survive the busy handling that comes with Christmas day. The are therefore ideal for present wrapping.

christmas ribbon on presents brings delight to the receiver

Christmas Wreaths

Traditionally added to front doors, Christmas wreaths represent eternity with their circular shape as it has no end and no beginning. What makes them beautiful to look at is the addition of Christmas ribbon that is delicately entwined between the evergreen.

Christmas ribbons can be placed on wreaths to represent the wholesomeness and unity of christmas


What do you think of when you hear mistletoe? The image that comes to mind is a beautiful couple embracing underneath it to celebrate the Christmas spirit. But what ties it all together is a stunning red ribbon tied in a bow, which symbolizes ‘true loves’ kiss.
Christmas ribbon is added to mistletoe to traditional couple the branches together, but now is symbolic of love and unity

Table decorations

A table is emblematic of family and unity and is the centerpiece of the room. Christmas ribbon is used to decorate aspects of the table, such as napkin wraps, around candles, or even draped on the back of chairs to enhance the spirit of the holiday. When you shop our Christmas collection here at Ribbonly, you can mix and match colours and designs to match your table theme, and our pieces are bound to make a statement!
Christmas ribbon is used to decorate aspects of the table, such as napkin wraps or around candles 

Why buy Christmas ribbon with us here at Ribbonly

Here at Ribbonly, we are experts at providing our customers with high-quality, contemporary, and beautiful ribbons to inspire your seasonal creativity. Our Christmas ribbon collection comes in a range of widths and lengths to suit your requirements, and a range of colours and types to appropriately fit your theme.
All our ribbons come at affordable prices, and we are passionate about striking up creative flairs in our customers through what we offer. Head to our website for more Christmas inspiration.

Shop today

For Christmas ribbon, shop with us here at ribbonly! We can provide you with a range of colours and types to perfect your festive treasures! Shop today or head to our website for more information.


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