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Article: Easy DIY Chinese New Year Decorations

Easy DIY Chinese New Year Decorations

Easy DIY Chinese New Year Decorations

Here at Ribbonly we have been busy preparing for Chinese New Year and we have made these gorgeous ribbon dragon decorations. This DIY ribbon project is very easy to do, and is very festive. 


1) Select your ribbon of choice to make your dragon, we suggest that you use a non-wired ribbon so that you can get crisp folds. We have used our Double Sided Foil Ribbon in Claret, this ribbon has a gold foil underlay which helps to make your fire breathing dragon extra fancy. 

 2) Cut two equal lengths of ribbon, you can make this as long or short as you'd like, depending on the size and length of dragon you would like to make. 

3) Place both of your ribbons at a right angle, with the edges overlapping where they meet. 

4) Carefully secure your ribbons with a paperclip, this will make the next step a lot easier. 

5) Then, fold the bottom ribbon backwards over the paper clip. 

6) Then fold the second ribbon over the the first ribbon that you folded.

7) Take the first ribbon that you folded and fold it back over to it's original position. 

8) Take the second ribbon and fold it back up, over the first.

9) Continue repeating steps 5,6,7 and 8 until you have a concertina pattern.

10) Carefully snip off any excess ribbon and secure the end of with another paper clip. 

11)You can either glue or stitch the ends of your ribbon decoration before adding it to your desired craft project.

12) We have attached our concertina ribbon to the head and tail of a card chinese dragon, cute!  

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