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Article: How to Make a Heart Ribbon Wreath

How to Make a Heart Ribbon Wreath

How to Make a Heart Ribbon Wreath

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Learn how to make this super simple yet incredibly effective heart wreath out of ribbons. If you can tie a shoe lace, you can make this wreath, yes it's that easy! All you need is some beautiful ribbons, we have used some of the ribbons out of our valentines collection. We have used our Luxury Organza ribbons which are wired which help to add dimension to the  wreath, along with our classic Single Sided Satin ribbons, our Chameleon Silk ribbons and our gorgeous Gloss Satin ribbons. 

Alternatively, you can buy the kit to make this for just £25! Click on the link to buy the kit, Valentines Ribbon Heart Wreath Kit.


Step 1) You will need a wire wreath frame, you can typically purchase these from florists. In this instance, we have used a heart shaped wire frame, however you can use whatever shape you like to make this wreath.

2) Cut your ribbons into 45cm lengths, this will help you to make the perfect bow with your ribbon. You will get a nice voluminous loop size without too much excess left on the ends. 

3) Tie your length of ribbon to the wire frame, start by tying your first bow onto the inner wire frame, you can then tie your second bow on to the outside of the wire frame. Using this alternating method helps for you to get an even finish.

4) Trim the edges of your bow so that it is neat, this will prevent your wreath from having lots of loose ends, helping it to keep it's shape. 

5) Choose another ribbon and repeat this process on the outside wire, making sure to alternate tying each ribbon onto the inside and the outside of the wire.

6) Once you have tied a few ribbons, you then need to push the bows together, this helps to add volume to the wreath.

7) Continue steps 3,4,5 and 6 all the way around the wreath, making sure that you push the bows together as you work your way around the leaf. 

8)The back of the frame will look a little like the below picture. 

9) Your wreath will finally look like this! 

 We hope you enjoyed this easy valentines ribbon wreath tutorial, make sure to check out our other blog posts for more ribbon related crafts. 

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