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Equipment Required:

How to make a ribbon christmas tree

To start the craft, gather these supplies together.



How to make a ribbon christmas tree

Step One: Take your first reel of ribbon and cut a length to 10cms.



How to make a ribbon christmas tree


Step Two: Apply a small amount of glue to the back of your length of ribbon at one end and fold the other end up to create a loop.


How to make a ribbon Christmas tree

Step Three: Attach your loop to the base of your cone with a small amount of glue.

 How to make a Ribbon Christmas tree

Step Four: Continue in this way, making loops and attaching them to the cone until the whole of the first layer is N.B. Try to slightly overlap the loops as you work your way around so that there is no cone visible underneath.


How to make a ribbon Christmas tree

Step Five: Next, choose a different ribbon and repeat steps 1-4. When attaching each layer of loops to the cone, make sure to position them so that they fully cover the top of the layer below.


How to make a ribbon Christmas tree

Step Six: Carry on in this way, layering your loops until you reach the very top of the You should be able to create 8-9 layers. Alternate your ribbons as you go to create maximum interest. If your kit contains a double sided foil you will be able to use both sides of the ribbon to create different coloured layers. As you approach the top of your tree you may wish to cut your loops slightly narrower to create a finer look.


How to make a Ribbon Christmas Tree

Finally: Once you have completed all the layers of loops and the cone, including the very top, is completely covered, make a small bow. Use one of the ribbons in your kit cut to a narrow width, tie and glue to the top of your cone to finish your beautiful Christmas tree.

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