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Chiffon Ribbon

Chiffon is a beautiful, plain woven piece of material that’s appearance is slightly transparent. It is available in a variety of colours, making it appropriate to suit any occasion or arrangement. Here at Ribbonly, we love working with delicate, feminine material, and Chiffon is highly recommended as the one ribbon to choose for a beautiful occasion such as a wedding or birthday.
 hiffon is a beautiful, graceful material that adds a touch of elegance to any occasion

Chiffon Ribbon at Ribbonly

Our chiffon ribbons with fluffy edges are incredibly lavish and opulent. This delicate ribbon is constructed of fine chiffon with frayed edges added as an extra texture-enhancing touch. This ribbon is ideal for floristry and looks lovely when it is used to encircle a flower bouquet.
Wedding cars, tables, favours, and stationery all look lovely wrapped in this ribbon, which is one of our most favourite for this occasion. The ribbon is the perfect accessory for your special day! Every wedding occasion has a suitable chiffon ribbon colour, from soft and delicate oyster to rich Oxblood, and 
all our chiffon collection is made out of high-quality material and can also be a great decoration hanging off floral bouquets or wrapped around letters or napkins as a gorgeous addition to a table.

Perfect For Wedding Ribbon

Chiffon is an ideal ribbon material for your wedding because of its floral and graceful appearance. It can be used to adorn multiple items involved in a wedding setting and is, therefore, a popular choice for many.
Our wedding collection ribbon has been thoughtfully selected to add even more distinctive finishing touches to your special day. Given that DIY wedding décor is becoming more and more popular, why not adorn your location with our opulent ribbon to give it a sparkling touch? Our specialty at Ribbonly is fluffy edge chiffon ribbon, which has frayed edges and gives your wedding a bohemian feel.
Items to add chiffon ribbon to can include:
Wedding floral bouquets,
As napkin/wedding invitation wraps,
Placed around a wedding dress,
Hanging from light decorations,
Tied to a wedding cake
Shop our wedding ribbon collection today or read more on how to use chiffon ribbon. Also, check out our other gold and silver ribbon, which is ideal for your wedding day.
Chiffon is used as a decorative ribbon commonly used in weddings, around cakes and on flower bouquets because of it's feminine, transparent appearance

Or As A Table Decoration...

Chiffon can additionally be used as a decoration on a table and doesn’t have to be used just for weddings.
Depending on the size and shape of the chiffon, it can be used as a table runner, which can be placed directly down the middle of the table to commemorate an occasion. It can also be used as a chair sash which can match the colour scheme of the event and brighten up the seating area.

Find Out How To Use Chiffon Ribbon

There are many ways to use chiffon as a decorative ribbon, as it’s a perfect material to manipulate and play with. As DIY decorations have become highly popular in recent years for events and occasions, purchasing chiffon from us here at Ribbonly means you are allowed to get creative!
Find some inspiration from our blog which shows you how to use chiffon ribbon, or shop our alternative ribbon types to suit your event requirements. We have ribbon to equip any occasion, and we pride ourselves on the variety and beauty of our stock! Find out more
Here at Ribbonly, we love to inspire our customers with how to use Chiffon in their events or occasions. Read our blog for DIY chiffon guideline

Get in touch

For your first choice of chiffon supplier, shop today at Ribbonly. Our passion for creative design and supplying our customers with top-notch chiffon is what makes us your ideal partner, and our customer service enables us to provide you with advice and inspiration. 
Get in touch with us today on 0345 835 8126 or head to our website for more information.
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