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Autumn Wreath Kits

Decorate your home for Autumn with beautiful, custom, Autumn Wreath Kits from Ribbonly. Order your autumn wreath kit today and start decorating your home for the season!


Our autumn door wreath kits allow you to perfectly tailor your wreath to your home décor, with the added fun of creating the wreath yourself! If you enjoy crafting activities or DIY projects and seasonal décor, then our autumn wreath-making kits are exactly what you need this autumn.


Choose autumn wreath kits from Ribbonly today and make your own with our festive DIY kits


Choosing Your Perfect Autumn Door Wreath Kit

Our autumn wreath kits are available in a wide range of colours, shapes, and styles with each wreath available to be completely customised to your personal tastes, or in this case, to match the season. Our wreaths come together based on your personal preferences when selected from our wide range of available ribbons. If you’re struggling to decide on which ribbon to pick for your autumn wreath kit, you can take inspiration for your chosen ribbons from our gallery of available products as well as our inspirations page.


Our ribbons are also sorted by colour or type so that you can easily see the available options, to help you envision how your chosen ribbons will come together in your autumn wreath DIY kit from Ribbonly. So, whether you’re looking for organza, satin, or silk finish ribbon in a range of autumnal colours, we can help you create the perfect autumn ribbon wreath!


Our Autumn Wreath DIY Kit

At Ribbonly we offer a number of ribbon crafting kits, including autumn wreath kits as well as wreath kits for all other occasions! Our autumn wreath DIY kit is purposefully made to make it easy to get beautiful results, even for those with very little previous crafting experience. Our wreath kits are designed to be beginner friendly and simple to use, with each kit coming with its own set of detailed and easy-to-follow instructions. For our more complex crafting kits, we also provide video tutorials so that you can follow along while making your project. It’s important to us that you’re pleased with the results of your crafting project, and in this case, we want you to end up with your perfect autumn wreath.


What’s Included in Our Autumn Wreath-Making Kit?

As a part of autumn wreath kits, you can customise each step of the process, from choosing the size and shape of your base to selecting each of the ribbons for your wreath ring. Each wreath requires a minimum of 50 metres of ribbon to complete, with each ribbon being 10 meters. Therefore, you should select a minimum of five ribbon choices, although you can add more if you’d like to further customise your kit!


Our ribbons are available in a variety of colours, finishes, and widths, for you to choose from, for a truly personalised look that can match the season or the décor of your home. Struggling to decide from our huge range of available ribbons? Here are some ideas to get you started!


Well-known autumn colours include red, oranges and yellows, golds, and even brown. Each of these colours has its own section on our website, so you can browse the full available range of ribbons in each colour and decide on your preferred tones, finishes, and complete colour palette. These earthy tones match the golden glow and changing hues of the trees during autumn, and so are perfect for your autumn wreath kit. We even have ribbons in the shape of a leaf vine to accent that connection to nature!


autumn wreath kits include Halloween ribbons available at Ribbonly


Make Your Own Autumn Wreath Kit With Ribbonly, Buy Today!


Our autumn wreath kits are often used to create a seasonal door wreath for our customer’s homes, but can also be used to decorate seasonal events, celebrations, or weddings. Our autumn wreath kits offer a fun crafting activity for this autumn, where you can be proud of the end result.


Plus, your wreath will be completely tailored to your preferences due to the huge range of customisable options here at Ribbonly, all for a fraction of the cost of buying a pre-made wreath! Order your autumn wreath kit today and start decorating your home for the season!


For more ideas of all the things you can do with ribbon, you can follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, or take a look at our inspiration page. Or, if you require further information a member of our team is always happy to help with any enquiries, please call us at 0345 835 8126


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